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Aureum Momentum

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From the heart of Switzerland, our team shares more than 20 years of expertise in the watch and jewelry industry.


Lukas H.

From a young age, Lukas has cultivated enthusiasm for watches and the fascinating technology behind them. Paired with a desire for independence, he decided to take up an active role in the watch trade in 2018. Initially on a small scale for acquaintances and relatives, the business grew steadily over the years and went international in 2020. As a co-manager, he is responsible for the operative processes, the finances of the group, and the individual protfolio management. Lukas possesses a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of St. Gallen, as well as many years of experience in the financial sector.

“Watches and jewelry as symbols of the craftsmanship and extraordinary commitment that goes into their production. They do not merely represent time and beauty; they embody the values of precision, dedication and reliability that we so avidly stand for at Aureum Momentum.”



Jan N.

Jan stands out with his extensive knowledge about watches and jewelry, not only regarding the history of the different brands and models, but also concerning the technical specifications. With his education and many years of work experience in the sales department of the Bucherer group, along with his experience in the jewelry and watch industries, he manages the daily operative business, the sales team. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the customers of Aureum Momentum. In cooperation with Lukas, he manages the watch portfolios of our customers.

Account Manager

Alexander V.

Alex, our expert in the field of luxury watches, has been nurturing his passion for timepieces from a very early age. Alex uses his outstanding expertise and broad knowledge base to shine not only in sales, but also in purchasing. Alex impresses with his commitment and also looks after our Russian-speaking customers with particular dedication. Armed with a Bachelor in Law & Eco frmo ZHAW, he works together with our partners on coordinating the international expansion strategy of the group.

Social Media, Content

Yannic S.

For Yannic, our watches are more than just time measurement tools. They embody sophistication, technical excellence and individual style. His passion lies in discovering the unique connection between design, craftsmanship and personal expression, and sharing this connection through videos and images. With his knowledge in the area of design and content consultment, he strives to offer you an experience that goes beyond the purchase of a watch – a journey into the fascinating world of luxury timepieces.


Doris S.

Doris manages the back-office and accounting deparmtents, and supports the team in all administrative concerns. With an outstanding understanding of efficient processes and strong work ethic, Doris is an indispensable team member of Aureum Momentum. Doris combines her widespread experience with an eye for detail, in order to ensure the frictionless execution of all administrative tasks.

“In my role as accountant at Aureum Momentum, I experience day by day the influence that precision and dedication has not only on our watches, but also on our team.”


Managing Board

Thomas G.

“Watches and Jewelry are a part of a life story, and we are proud to accompany our customers on this first step of the way.”


Reasons for us

Precision meets Passion

Every watch and every piece of jewelry from Aureum Momentum is not only an accessoire but a constant companion through life. We appreciate the personal relationship with our customers, which should go far beyond a mere encounter. We strive to offer an excellent service that is tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers. Trust, transparency, reliability, passion, and excellence are our values.