Our Service

Aureum Momentum

Personal Consultation

We offer a personal and customized consultation, that is tailored to individual customer wishes. With our experienced experts, we offer personal consultations in a familiar atmosphere at one of our three locations. We never fail to fulfill a customer request – we do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

Purchase and Sale

Our purchase and sales process is uncomplicated and carefree. If you are parting ways with an old watch or looking to acquire a new piece – we accompany you on every step of the way. The goal of our competent consultation is building long-lasting, personal, and trusting relationships. We offer the all-round-carefree-package for your watch purchase.


We import luxury watches from abroad for you. Sit back and relax, while we take care not only of the processing, but also an in-depth assessment of your watch. Carefree luxury watch import to your satisfaction is our top priority.


Discover our world of individual modifications – from new dials to unique adjustments to the case or the strap. Our goal is to offer you a watch that is as unique as you, a watch that will become part of your life story. Let your wishes run free and design your luxury watch according to your personal preferences.


The restoration of timepieces is of great significance to us. Restoring every watch back to perfect condition, according to the wishes of the customer and upon consultation with our experienced partners, is utterly important to us. Every timepiece is carefully handled, applying the highest quality standards to perfection.

Portfolio­ Management

Do you already have multiple watches in your collection and are considering if it is the optimal time to part ways with one or if it is better to wait after all? Do you want to turn your collection into more of an investment? Our experts are happy to offer competent advice regarding your collection and the current state of the watch market. Trust our quantitative and qualitative valuation methods, as well as our international network, to guide you towards well-founded decisions regarding your collection.

Aureum Momentum as an Organization

Our Vision

We strive for trusting and respectful interaction with our clients, thus building the foundation for a long-lasting partner relationship. We aspire to not only fulfill, but exceed the expectations of our demanding customers. Additionally, we offer watches and jewelry of the highest quality and timeless design, which correspond to the personality and lifestyle of every single wearer.

Our Mission​

As a brand, Aureum Momentum embodies the enthusiasm and the passion for the fine art and craftsmanship of watches and jewelry. Our mission is to share this enthusiasm and passion with our customers and thus contribute to the preservation of craftsmanship. As entrepreneurs and watch enthusiasts, our dream has come true. Day after day, we have the priviledge of dedicating ourselves to our passion, learning something new about the world of watches and jewelry, and sharing these learnings with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

All watches are checked for authenticity by our watchmaker or by the respective brand partners. We guarantee the authenticity and functionality of every watch.

Yes, our products can be shipped by registered mail and are always insured.

Yes, we offer maintenance for watches that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer restoration or polishing of the watches, as well as modification with different dials, bezels, straps, etc.

Depending on the brand, model, and complexity, you can expect the maintenance to take 4-8 weeks. The restoration takes approximately one week.

Yes, we offer watch sales on commission, but we charge a fee of 1-10%, depending on the brand, model, and sale price. This fee, however, is only charged in the case of a successful sale.

Yes, we also offer the possibility to purchase a watch by means of leasing.

Generally, it depends on the frequency of usage. Commonly, maintenance is necessary every 5-7 years. We suggest more frequent maintenance the more complex the movement is, since such movements tend to be more delicate and thus more prone to sustain damages. The water resistance should be tested every two years.

As a general rule of thumb we buy all mechanical watches which exceed a price of CHF 4’000-5’000. Due to the current market situation we are rather restrictive with purchasing and only able to accept good offers.